"Notice to all Members”

In October of this year I became concerned that few new nominations for Membership in the Golden Eagles have  been proposed this year.  There are still some candidates left in the hopper from past year nominations, but currently we have only three new Navy nominations and no new Marine nominations. 

Gentlemen, if you personally know a Naval Aviator who is not a member of the Golden Eagles but highly qualified for membership, now is the time for you to place their name in the hopper for the 2016 Selection Committee to deliberate on.  Remember, new nominations and subsequent selections are the life blood of our organization. You are the ones who make it go.

Nominations will close on 29 February, and will be considered for selection at the Membership Selection Committee meeting held on the first morning of our forthcoming Orlando reunion (21 April 2016).

If anyone has questions concerning the nomination process, do not hesitate to give me a call at 858-243-3932.

Thanks and all the best,

J R Batzler
Secretary, Membership Selection Committee.