Special Notice: 1915

Golden Eagles

I'm sorry to have to report that Mugs has had another serious set back in his on-going fight with Parkinson's and is currently in the ICU at Balboa Navy Medical Center, San Diego. Here's a brief background on what led up to this situation.

On Thurs., 6 Aug., Mugs took a fall at home (hitting his upper neck area) - which at the time didn't seem to be that serious. However, the next day (Fri., 7th) when his VA home PT provider came, Mugs was starting to experience bad pain. So the therapist recommended he go to the VA hospital to have it looked at - fearing he may have fractured a vertebrae. The diagnosis was not a break, but a deep bruise. He went home with some pain pills. His condition worsened over the weekend to the point he couldn't move his legs and on Mon. (10 Aug.) Lauree called 911 and he was taken to Balboa for evaluation and treatment.

At Balboa they ran a series of tests which all pointed to his spine at the neck area where he took the hit in his fall. Apparently he had been carrying a low grade infection in his system - which his Parkinson's weakened immune system couldn't defeat. The infection then attacked the injured area in this neck causing the loss of movement in his limbs. He went into surgery (4-6 hours) on Wed. morning (12 Aug.). Mugs is now sedated in ICU for (?) more days before they can move him to a recovery ward. Lauree said today (Sat.) his vital signs were better. That's all we know at this point. 

Bottom line is that Mugs has another rough road ahead of him - getting out of ICU, through the recovery ward regimen and then rehab therapy for who knows how long. He's a tough old bird, but even they need support and encouragement at times like this - not to mention the support that Lauree needs as she continues to care for and shepherd him through the vagaries of this terrible disease. So, please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

Obviously Mugs can't have visitors,take phone calls, read emails, etc. However, Lauree said that the last time he was laid up, the cards and notes he received, and that she read to him, really boosted his spirits. So, if you are so inclined to send a note or card, address them to their home and Lauree will get them to him. Here's the address:

2642 Flagstaff Ct.
Chula Vista, CA 91914

I'll send out updates as they occur.