Special Notice: 1815

Commanding Officer, USS STOCKDALE (DDG 106) and Commanding Officer, USS WILLIAM P. LAWRENCE (DDG 110

Golden Eagles, To all,

The USS Stockdale and USS Lawrence will be making a historic deployment together as part of the same battle group sometime in early October this year. Prior to that deployment (on National POW/MIA Recognition Day - Friday, 18 September) they are holding a POW/MIA commemorative ceremony on the pier between the two ships at NAVBASE San Diego. They are extending an open invitation to the entire NAMPOW organization to attend the ceremony and reception. Ev Alvarez is the key note speaker for the event.

I was asked by the ships' COs if I would help get this invitation distributed to all former POWs/POW family members and friends of POWs, etc. through our NAMPOW email network - hence the purpose of this email. I couldn't get the NAMPOW email system to accept the actual PDF email invitation. Therefore I've copied the text of the invitation (and the ceremony info card) below.

The email point of contact for RSVPs is listed on the invitation. Just contact them, tell them you received the invitation through the NAMPOW organization, who you are (i.e. RPW, RPW family member, friend of RPW, etc.) and that's it. Those guests attending will have to make their own travel and billeting accommodations.

For their planning purposes they are asking that all RSVPs be received by 15 August. The ships are currently at sea for extended pre-deployment work ups and exercises.

If you know of anyone who is not on this NAMPOW email list, please forward this info to them as well. And, please put it out on the "Camp Radio" circuit.  Thanks.

If you have any questions you can contact me.



Commanding Officer, USS STOCKDALE (DDG 106) and Commanding Officer, USS WILLIAM P. LAWRENCE (DDG 110), request the pleasure of your company at a reception and commemoration in honor of former Prisoners of War in Vietnam on Friday, the eighteenth of September at ten AM -Pier 3

Naval Base San Diego, California
R.S.V.P. by 15 August 2015
POC: benjamin.findlay@ddg106.navy.mil
Alt POC: terry.edwards@ddg106.navy.mil
Military Guests: Summer White
Civilian Guests: Business Casual


The Ceremony will take place at Pier Three, Naval Station San Diego between USS STOCKDALE (DDG 106) and USS WILLIAM P. LAWRENCE (DDG 110) to honor former Prisoners of War and their families on POW/MIA Day 2015. CDR Everett Alvarez, Jr., USN (Ret.) will be our keynote speaker.
VADM Stockdale: POW from 9 Sep 1965 - 12 Feb 1973
VADM Lawrence: POW from 28 Jun 1967 - 4 Mar 1973
CDR Alvarez: POW from 5 Aug 1964 - 12 Feb 1973

All the best,

Don Boecker-Pilot