Special Notice: 1615 - Administrative Support

Golden Eagles,

Gentleman, I am requesting two volunteers. One to replace the Executive Assistant to the Pilot, and another to take over preparation of the chronolog biographies.

So far, I have had no volunteers. JR Davis asked to be replaced so he can spend more time with Denyse. He has been the assistant to the pilot for 6 years. JR has agreed to produce the 2015-2016 Membership Directory, but wants someone to replace him with this task. He will continue with the webmaster job. He plans to have the new Membership Directory printed by late June and the deadline for changes of address, phone numbers, email address, etc., is 25 June 2015. Send corrections using the website admin section. Or send an email to: JR Davis.

For the last Special Notice 1515, to 267 Golden Eagles, (Regular, Emeritus, Honorary, and widows), the Special Notice was only read by 138 members, and 4 bounced. So please look at the website often and update address, email and phone number before 25 June.

Currently the Chief Pilot prepares a Chronolog biography using a program called Adobe InDesign, which is a page layout program. He would like you to ask all Eagles, and preferably the younger ones if anyone has any prior experience using Adobe InDesign.  He would like to get with them and show them how to prepare a Chronolog bio from scratch using a template that he has prepared.  He copies the data a new Eagle sends in Microsoft WORD and paste it into the InDesign template, does a little formatting and then inserts their photos into the template on the first page and sends the 1st draft to the Engineering Officer for forwarding to the new Eagle for correction and/or approval.
InDesign does a MUCH better job on the bio than WORD can do.  If we can't find someone, we might have to live with a Microsoft WORD prepared document.

All the best,

Don Boecker-Pilot