Special Notice: 1116

Dear Golden Eagles,

This is an advance copy for the BOG meeting.

The Golden Eagles Board of Governors’ Agenda

1300 Thursday, April 21, 2016, Buena Vista Palace Hotel, Orlando, FL

Pilot’s Opening Remark
: RADM Donald Boecker
Tommy Tomlinson Test Pilot of 2015 Award: LCDR Matthew S. Dominick, USN

Chief Pilot’s Remarks
: CAPT Jerry Zacharias, Dissolution Clause addition to The Golden Eagles Constitution and Bylaws

Co-Pilot’s Remarks
: LtCol Howard DeCastro

Navigator’s Remarks
: VADM John Mazach, Navigator’s Report and Minutes from the 2015 Pensacola Reunion will be available to BoG Members.

Radio Officer’s Report
: RADM Robert Owens

Engineer Officer’s Report
: RADM Robert Shumaker,

  • Attendance: Mandatory attendees for 2016-2017
  • History for 2015; and 2015
  • Chronolog Status (CD’s) and Bio’s

Web Master’s Report:  CAPT JR Davis and RADM J. R. Wilson

Executive Assistant:
Col Robert Hickerson

Member Selection Committee Secretary Remarks
: RADM Jack Batzler

Reunion Site Selection Report
: LtCol Howard DeCastro with assist by Col Larry Adkinson for the 2018 Reunion in Washington, DC.

Flight Leader Reports
: Individual flight activities: All Flight Leaders

Nomination Committee Report
: RADM Fred Lewis

Old Business:
Comments on how well the new Flight Sector Realignments have been.

New Business:
BoG Chairman, ADM Smith to discuss Industry donation to The Golden Eagles and whether we should solicit donations and should we accept donations to later pass them on to museums/charities. Also the recommendation to give scholarships to the National Flight Academy when we can afford them.

Flight Leaders
: to be excused from meeting

Membership Selection Report
: CAPT Bill Knutson

Motion to Adjourn/Adjourn