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Dear Golden Eagles,

This is an advance copy for the BOG meeting.

The Early and Pioneer Naval Aviators Association

The Golden Eagles
Engineer/Historian Report for 2015-2016  (1 May 2015 to 31 Mar 2016)
Orlando, Florida; 20-23 April 2016; Buena Vista Palace

Current reunion registration: 149 Eagles registered (note: the 2015 reunion had 145 Eagles registered but bad weather prevented 12 of them from attending; they were however credited with attendance).  The requirement of attending at least one of the last four reunions has been met by all members at this 2016 reunion.  Following is a list of twelve members who will be in violation if they do not attend the 2017 reunion (ranks and first names omitted): Busey, Butcher, Cassidy, Cernan, JB Davis, Hubbard, RC Johnson, Myers, Sexton, Sheldon, Stephenson, Weir.

-197 biographies are posted on the website; 3 are currently outstanding.  Note: You can alter, edit or supplement your bio at any time you wish.

Notable Events (reported by the flight leaders):
  --Northeast Flight: supported funerals for VADM Jerry Miller, Mrs. Gail Seely, RADM Gus Eggert, LTGEN Bill Fitch, Mrs. Margaret Fitch.  Mini reunion at Mount Vernon Country Club in Dec. for 22 GE’s.  Planning for 2018 reunion; location candidates are: Greenbrier, Lansdowne, National Harbor, Annapolis.  Started year with 40 regular, 10 emeritus, 1 honorary.

--Central Flight: In August Bob Rasmussen took over as flight leader from Jerry Breast.  Flight hosted 2015 reunion in Pensacola.  Started year with 37 active, 5 emeritus, 2 honoraries.

--Southeast Flight: Bill McCamy took over as flight leader from Carlos Johnson.  Mini reunion in Orlando in October for 27 GE’s.  Virginia Beach group had 12 for luncheon in October and had a brunch in Jan.  Carlos Johnson was honored in Jacksonville for his work with the Boy Scouts.  Started year with 45 active, 8 emeritus, no honoraries.

--West Flight: Gil Rud took over as flight leader from Jay Campbell.  Mini reunion in Oct. at Coronado Yacht Club for 62.  Another mini reunion in Feb at the Coronado Yacht Club for 88.  Diz Laird inducted into the Coronado Avenue of Heroes.  Tom Cassidy inducted into the San Diego Air and Space Museum Hall of Fame.  Planning for 2017 reunion in San Diego.  Started year with 75 active, 22 emeritus, 1 honorary.