Special Notice: 0216

Golden Eagles,

Binnacle Report on Two Golden Eagles

From West Flight Leader,
I recently received a health status report on RADM Bill Harris from his son Jim and daughter-in-law Shelly.   Bill and his wife sold their home last July and have been residing in La Costa Glen skilled nursing facility.  Bill has recently been battling a case of pneumonia which landed him in the hospital.  He has improved and is now back in La Costa Glen. Phone calls and visits are discouraged for now, however, emails are encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed.   Shelly prints those out and brings them to Bill everyday.   His email address is bjharris50@aol.com. I will stay in touch with Jim and Shelly and send an update when Bill can have visitors. Warmest regards, Gil “Duster” Rud

From Central Flight Leader,
I want to let you know that Kenny Wallace is in the hospital fighting some serious complications related to bladder cancer that he has been dealing with for some months.  We have hoped that he would be a candidate for surgery to address the problem but that may not be the case.  We are now hoping that he will be able to come home shortly.  He is in Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, FL room 236.
Bob Rasmussen