Dear Golden Eagles,

As of today, most of the rooms in our venue hotel, the Westgate (619)-238-1818, have been booked. If you have not yet made your reservation, and you are told that there are no more rooms, no problem. We have an overflow plan in place to use the Westin Gaslamp as a backup. It is only a couple of blocks away. 

Now if this happens ... Please follow these directions:

Contact Mary Buonaguidi at (760)-942-7104. She will assist you in getting registered at the Westin Gaslamp. The rate there is $209 per night, however, with the usual last minute cancellations, we expect that we will eventually be able to get everyone into the Westgate. If that does not come to fruition, and you end up in the Westin Gaslamp, we are going to reimburse the $76 per night difference between $209 and $133 when you check in at our registration desk.

Very important!! If you are going to cancel your plans to attend the reunion, please do not cancel your hotel reservations.  Rather, call Mary and she will work a name swap for the reservation for anyone who is in overflow. 

Finally, a special thanks to the 75 folks who have already sent us your registration packet and payment. For those of you who have not, please do so at your earliest convenience. It makes our planning process much more efficient. 

Warmest regards and V/r .. Gil 'Duster' Rud