Dear Golden Eagles,

We mailed the reunion registration package on February 6th so you should receive them within a week. Please fill out the required forms and send them back to me as soon as possible. We have a deadline of 14 April to receive the forms, however; it really helps our planning if you return them early.

Just to make sure that everyone receives a package, this email has that same package as a pdf attachment. You will find that the attachment allows you to type in your information, however; you must then print the forms and mail them back to me via regular mail. 

Forms .pdf: click here

All payments must be by check made out to GE West. The reason we are doing that is due to security concerns with regard to potential on line credit card fraud. 

Also, a reminder to please order the 2017 Chronolog CD, which is the last item on the registration form. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in April. V/r  Gil 'Duster' Rud