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Aircraft Model: Schempp Hirth DuoDiscus XLT
S/N: 292
N-Number N1114N
Experimantal Airworthiness Certificate
Location: Warner Springs CA
Price: $249,900
Placed in Service: 02/06/2018
Total Time (hrs) on airframe: 31.8
Maximum Gross Weight (lbs.): 1,653.5
Empty Weight (lbs.): 1,091

Sustainer Engine Make/Model: Solo 2350D
Serial Number 200035013

Total Sustainer Time: (hrs): 1.0

- Make: Technoflug
- Model: OE-FL

- Hub 5.110/83av
- SerNo: 368

Contact Info:

- John Davis
- voice: 858-229-6389
- email:

Duo Discus XLT:
High performance two-seat sailplane with carbon/hybrid fiber fuselage and Turbo sustainer engine, with sprung undercarriage, Maughmer winglets and new airbrake/flap system.

Finish with Polyurethane-Acryl paint
Competition letters as vinyl stickers
Additional C/G release hook
Tail tank
Air filled tail wheel (200x50)
Control gap seals, additional Teflon sealing on aileron
2 Oxygen cylinder mounts and two oxygen bottles
TE probe Salzinger DN with static
Pitot probe extension
Tail dolly
Set of 3 trim weights
Additional seat cushions
Pneumatical switch
Gear Warning
Goose neck microphone
Speaker PEIKER
Becker wiring harness with Intercom
Radio wiring harness front-rear
Transponder antenna Dolba BD1

Instruments and Avionics:
Airspeed indicator 7 FMS 423 (kt)
Altimeter: WINTER 4 FGH 40 (feet/ inch)
Flarm antenna Dolba BD12
ClearNav II Flight Computer

ClearNav XC Vario
Radio Becker AR 6201-(022), 8,33 kHz
Becker Remote Control Unit RCU 6201-(012), 8,33 kHz
Transponder GARRECHT VT-01 UC KL1
ELT ACK E04 incl. antenna RAM AV 100
Battety LiFePo4 12 V / 10 Ah
Dual charger 2x 2A


No Damage
Pristine Condition inside and out
Date last condition inspection (annual): 08/11/2020
Date aircraft last flown: 10/06/20