Maintenance, Issues & Upgrades




  • Citrus and Olive Grove

Decision - Not to Harvest

  • Vinyard

Decision - Not to Harvest

  • Grass-Cutting and Weed-Wacking

Sheep Canceled - Continuing Issue

  • Irrigation System

Unresolved Issue

Window and Door Screens

Bug Screens –  Although the screens are velcroed to the widow frame, the bottom of the screen did tend to blow loose in the wind. Maybe some minor adjustment needed there to secure them properly.

Legal Documents

Will be delivered to Diederik by Bill Hulse on his July trip to the U.K.

  • Scanned/PDF Copies Legal Documents
    Rogito and the Planning Permission

Continuing Issue

  • Acquisition, Development and Restoration Docs

Continuing Issue

Possible Tax Liability (Sale)

If individual shares are sold this may create personal tax liabilities for the sellers on any gains over the original share purchase price.

Pest Control

Continuing Issue

Swimming Pool - Grout and Tile Replacement

Continuing Issue

Porsche use and Rental - Insurance Coverage

Does the insurance policy cover whilst the car is rented out.

Register the Company in Italy

Continuing Issue

Italian Bank Account

Continuing Issue

Unused Weeks - Rental

Continuing Issue

The Pinelli Yacht

No good news, it seems charter boats at Agropoli have suspended operations until the tourist market recovers, including Pinelli which has their own boat up for sale.



Corporate Officers: Chairman: William Hulse, Treasurer: Diane Zannoni, Secretary: John R. Davis, Officer: Scott Angarola